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How Do I Build A Website?

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When you have decided on your hosting provider, you are now ready to build your website. Some people, particularly starting out can feel overwhelmed with this part but if you can use Microsoft Office, then building your own website should not be a problem. Decide which type of website you want and then you will need to find a website builder to get started.

Here are some types of websites that would generally be used.

E-commerce Websites – this type of website allows you to sell products or services online. They will have a shopping cart where visitors can order your products.

Blogging Websites – these are websites where individuals or organizations post articles or other content on a regular basis. They can be used to give information about a particular topic.

Social networking Websites – these are websites where people can create profiles, connect with friends or other users, and share content.

Educational websites – these are websites that provide educational resources and information, such as online courses, tutorials, or academic research.

Portfolio websites – these are websites that showcase an individual’s or business’s work, such as artwork, photography, or writing.

There are a lot of options from free website builders to paid platforms that offer more features. Below we’ve listed a few resources to get you started. If you feel that building a website on your own is too much, then you can always pay someone else to build it for you.

Using WordPress To Build A Website:

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for web design in the world. It is free to use the software and there are hundreds of add-ins that you can incorporate so that you can build any type of website using it. Click the link to find out more about Building A Website With WordPress.