What Can I Sell Online?

Choosing A Product Or Service To Sell Online

Choosing a product

People have different reasons for starting an online business. Some want to earn money online, others want to bring visitors to their physical premises and some want to extend their product or service to people outside their current location.

Whatever your reason for starting your business online, there are a few things to consider.

What Product Should I Sell?

The most important thing in choosing a product or service is to ensure you know a lot about the product and are passionate about it. This will help you with your marketing efforts down the road. When you are selling online, visitors to your website cannot hold the product, so you need to explain in detail what your product or service offers the potential client.

Is There A Market For My Product?

There is no point in building a website to sell a product or service if there is no interest in this product. If you already sell your product then you may have this information and know there is a market for it. However, if you don’t currently sell the product, how can you find out if people are looking for it? Keyword Research is the answer! By checking the estimated traffic for your keyword you will get an indication on whether this will sell well or not.

Digital or Physical?

The other consideration is whether your product or service is digital or physical. If you sell a digital product, then it’s easy to use internet marketing to promote the product worldwide. However, if you have a physical product, you need to take shipping the product to the customer into account. Is this viable? If not, then you may need to look at a more local market.

Affiliate Marketing

If you do not have a product in mind and want to earn money online, then you could consider Affiliate Marketing. This is a process whereby you promote and sell a product on behalf of another seller. You generate leads for the seller and get commission on every sale. This type of selling online means you can sell a wide range of products and will have the tools from the seller to help you promote it.