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A Guide To Starting Your Online Business In Ireland

How To Start An Online Business in Ireland

If you are thinking about How to Start an Online Business in Ireland, then this website will guide you through the process. From thinking about the product or service to sell online, to defining your domain name, arranging hosting, building a website to marketing that website on the internet.

Starting an online business in Ireland is no different to any other country but if you are only marketing your site in Ireland there are a few things to consider.

Domain Name: Choose a .ie domain name. This shows that you are Irish and you will have a better chance of ranking well in local Irish search results.

Hosting: Find an Irish hosting provider as again, this will affect your ranking. If your website is hosted on an Irish server, that gives more weight to search engines for Irish Search Results.

Keyword Research: When checking keyword volumes etc. ensure you are selecting Irish search engines so that you get more accurate results.


Start An Online Business

If you are marketing a website to a worldwide audience then you are better to use a .com domain name. This is the most used universal domain name and this website is built on a .com as we are targeting people looking to start an online business in Ireland, UK and USA.

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