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Setting Up A Business

Even though your business is online, there are still things that need to be completed in order to setup a business. You will need to register your business with the tax/revenue authorities, setup email accounts, keep accounts records and more.

Again, there are other websites or resources that you can use to help expedite the process.

Registering A Business: This is the process whereby you register your business name with the registrar that applies in your country. In Ireland it is the Companies Registration Office but if you search google, you are sure to find the necessary authority in your country. You may also want to setup with your local revenue office for tax purposes. 

Setting Up Email: If you’ve got an online business, it’s important your customes have a means of contacting you. A generic “gmail or hotmail” account does not instill confidence in visitors so it’s better to setup an email address on your domain name. You will find out how to do this by checking the help or documentation of your hosting provider.

Accounts: It’s also important to keep accounts as you will need these for revenue. Simple accounts can be held in excel or other spreadsheet packages but as your business grows, you may want to look at some accounting software packages for small business. 



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Resources for Setting Up A Business: