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How To Build A Website Using WordPress

How To Build A WordPress Website

There are many website builder providers as mentioned in our Website Builder section but on this page, we will focus on how to build a website using WordPress.

WordPress is the most used platform for web design in the world. It can be used for every type of website, information websites, ecommerce websites, portfolio websites as examples. WordPress is the base layer of the website and you can then add plugins to add additional features you want to include on your website, e.g. A Shopping Cart for an ecommerce website.

WordPress is a free website design platform and is easy to setup and use. If you are non technical, you may need someone to help with setting it up or hire a company to design it for you. After that, you can easily manage the upkeep. That said, if you follow the step by step instructions that WordPress themselves give, you can’t go wrong.

There are a number of elements to a WordPress Website. These include:

WordPress Platform: This is the base layer of your wordpress site. You download the product and install it on your hosting. As mentioned above, full instructions are provided in the link above.

Page Builder: WordPress comes with a default user interface and some people can find it difficult to use. A WordPress Page Builder is a plugin that installs over the wordpress layer and gives you more control over your website. Page Builders generally come with a number of built in themes and make customising your website an easier task.

WordPress Themes: WordPress comes with a few default themes that you can use for the look and feel of your website. There are also a number of free wordpress themes that you can download.You might want a certain look or features for your website and that’s where paid themes come in. There are lots of options out there to purchase really good wordpress themes starting at $25.

WordPress Plugins: A plugin is a piece of software that you install on your website that performs a specific task. There are hundreds of wordpress plugins available such as Contact Forms, Shopping Carts, SEO, Security & More. These allow you to add value to your website without using code.