Hosting & SSL Certs

What Is Hosting and Where Can I Get It?

Website Hosting

Now you have purchased your Domain Name, you will need to host it. A website contains pages that are connected to your domain name. When someone visits your domain name, they see these pages (website) online. The pages are stored on servers on the internet and are available 24/7 – This is called Hosting.

There are a number of types of hosting including Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting and Managed Hosting.

Shared Hosting – This is the most used hosting type by start up small businesses. Your website is on a server and shares space and resources with a large number of other websites. Because you are sharing space, the cost of this type of hosting is very affordable when you’re starting out.

Dedicated Hosting – With this type of hosting you are renting a full server for your website. This is more suitable to websites with large traffic numbers or those who have sensitive information and want to keep their website separate from others. Dedicated Hosting can be quite expensive and is not generally the first choice when starting out.

VPS Hosting – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. With this type of hosting you have your own space on a shared server. Although it’s shared hosting, there are fewer sites on the server and you have more control over your website.

Managed Hosting – With Managed Hosting the hosting provider takes care of your website on their servers. This is suitable for those who don’t want to do the technical work such as updating and maintenance.


SSL Certificates:

It’s important to mention SSL Certificates when talking about Hosting. An SSL Certificate is a security certificate on your website that shows a lock in the address barĀ  when you visit the website.

In the section below we have placed links to resources where you can find hosting and SSL Certificate providers.